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welcome to dikeyla holdings

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Dikeyla is defined and shaped by the way clients like to work. Their organisations and the way in which they operate are varied and never static.

What we do

We help organizations maximize their performance and achieve their vision. We are devoted to see our clients grow with our strategies.

how we do it

We develop and implement solutions to improve our clients' productivity and efficiency and may run parts of their business enabling us to fully execute our strategies.

Our goal

Ultimately, we enable our clients to become high performance businesses and governments. We set very high standards as our benchmarks to enable ourselves to develop working soluyions.

Our passion

Dikeyla exists to do what matters for our clients, our people and our society. Our drive is to make an impact that matters by helping our clients to make an impact also in the world.

18 Years of

Our perfomance index

Improve & grow your business with our solutions

In line with our values, we identify projects and initiatives that will enable us to make a sustainable contribution to the growth of our country.

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Value is defined by relationships

With our African network, our people and experience, we are ready and able to help you achieve that value, wherever you do business.

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Our in-depth knowledge of Africa

Our understanding of the African business operating environments enables us  offer truly tailored solutions to unique business challenges.

What work do we do

Business advisory services in


Corporate governance consultancy


Eliminate all the risks

Compliance & Assurance

Follow regulations 

Management Consultancy

Improve performance


Governance structures &
frameworks, Advisory, Governance audits, Read more…


Enterprise risk management, Business continuity
management, Read more…


Regulatory compliance, Ethics, Investigations, Reporting, Read more…


Transformational Program
Management, Strategy, Operations, Read more…


We offer tried & tested business solutions

We have the skills and expertise to ensure that the problems faced by your organization can be solved.

The process we follow

What makes us move forward

Our flexible approach means that we can engage with our clients within their context without enforcing a rigid model or framework but still guide them in GRC best practice.


Stage 1

Develop suitable solutions based on the clients' set goals


Stage 2

Execute the strategy utilizing our existing strategic tools


Stage 3

Evaluation of the strategy to determine required changes


Stage 4

Improving the strategy to accommodate new findings

See our values

We have values
That guide our work

"Speak up for what is right, especially when it feels difficult. Expect and deliver the highest quality outcomes. Make decisions and act as if our personal reputations were at stake."

Act with integrity

Value 1

"Stay informed and ask questions about the future of the world we live in. Create impact with our colleagues, our clients and society through our actions. Respond with agility to the ever changing environment in which we operate."

Make a difference

Value 2

"Make the effort to understand every individual and what matters to them. Recognise the value that each person contributes. Support others to grow and work in the ways that bring out their best."


Value 3

"Collaborate and share relationships, ideas and knowledge beyond boundaries. Seek and integrate a diverse range of perspectives, people and ideas. Give and ask for feedback to improve ourselves and others."

Work together

Value 4

"Innovate, test and learn from failure. Speak to challenge the status quo and try new things. Have an open mind to the possibilities in every idea."

Reimagine the possible

Value 5

We believe in teamwork
we work together